Vivienne Marshall, Ph.D.

Southwest Regional R&D Manager

Vivienne Marshall joined Canopy Animal Health as Southwest Regional R&D Manager in June of 2019. Before joining Canopy, she was Regional Director of Clinical Research at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and Christus Health for 5 years. Her previous senior management experience includes Director of Research at the National Trauma Institute, Senior Director of Medical Affairs for Rapamycin Holdings and Principal Investigator at Stemnion. Prior to Stemnion, Vivienne was Head of the Stem Cell Program at Revivicor, Inc., and did her post-doc at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Dr. James Thomson. Dr. Marshall is well-published in peer-reviewed journals and an inventor on over 25 patents.

Vivienne earned her Ph.D. in Primate Embryology and Genetics from the University College, London in 1995, and a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Science from Massey University in New Zealand. Vivienne currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. She has four children and a dog, and in her spare time she enjoys wood crafting.