Dana Vaughn, Ph.D.

VP for Global Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Vaughn founded Canopy Animal Health in 2017. He now serves as the VP for Global Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) for Canopy Animal Health. As a pharmacologist, he has led Canopy Animal Health’s pioneering research regarding safety and efficacy evaluations of cannabinoids developed for companion animals. 

Dr. Vaughn has served as the CSO for Rapamycin Holdings, Inc., where he developed and managed the research and regulatory processes of microencapsulated Rapamycin for the treatment of refractory gingivitis in cats. He was the Global Director of Autoimmune Therapeutics for Genzyme where he led development efforts for use of antibodies for treatment of autoimmune diseases. He has also served as the Director of Medical Affairs at Ilex Oncology for Campath® and Clofarabine® and was CEO of Drug Delivery Systems. Dr. Vaughn was also a Tenured Associate Professor within the College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University. He is a Wellcome Fellow and was trained in drug development while working in the Pharmacology Department of Burroughs Wellcome. He earned his Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology from the University of Texas at Austin, and his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in plant sciences from Southwest Texas State University. 

In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors where he is a boating, gardening and sports enthusiast.